Service Fabric Notebook Update

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The Service Fabric Notebook has been updated to include critical information about configuring Kestrel listener IP addresses so they will be correctly registered and resolved by the Service Fabric Reverse Proxy.

See Service Fabric Notebook for more information.

Announcing New ChannelAdam Notebooks

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I have added a bundle of new notebooks:

Announcing the ChannelAdam .NET Notebook

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I have added a new notebook on Microsoft .NET.

It highlights a few learnings about .NET Standard 2.0 and full .NET Framework libraries.

Announcing the ChannelAdam Software Development Notebooks

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I've been intending to do this for a while - announcing that the ChannelAdam Software Development Notebooks are now live!

Notebooks are a growing collection of learnings, study notes, and bookmarks. News and blog articles are so static and point-in-time, whereas Notebooks contain content that is dynamic and will grow and change over time.

To start with, here is the start of my first notebook on Microsoft Service Fabric.