I recently came across the problem where the intellisense for ASP.NET markup was not appearing in Visual Studio 2008.

After doing a Google search, I had gathered and tried the following suggestions:

  • In Visual Studio: Tools ➞ Options ➞ Text Editor ➞ All Languages ➞ Turn on “Auto list members”
  • Reinstalling Resharper
  • Deleting the HKEY\Local Machine\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0 registry node (which then prevented Visual Studio from running!)
  • Repairing Visual Studio
  • Uninstalling and then reinstalling Visual Studio

And still it didn’t solve my issue - there was still no ASP.NET intellisense for me!

The solution was to right click on a .aspx page in my solution, select “Open With” and change the default setting back to “Web Form Editor”.

Somehow, someway, this had changed.

Hopefully this will save someone else a few days of hassle!

Please leave below any comments, feedback or suggestions, or alternatively contact me on a social network.

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