In a previous posting on behaviour-driven programming, I quickly referenced ‘Uncle Bob’ Robert C. Martin’s website where he outlines the SOLID Principles.

I wanted to expand upon that and provide a few more helpful links.

The best examples I have seen that demonstrates these principles can be found in a series of short videos on

Scott Hanselman too has a number of podcasts where he is directly interviewing ‘Uncle Bob’: Hanselminutes Podcast 145 - SOLID Principles with Uncle Bob - Robert C. Martin

When I listened to this podcast, I was quite pleased to hear and have my personal experience validated when ‘Uncle Bob’ rated the Single Responsibility Principle as the most important. In my personal experience, and in the experience of a number of my colleagues, this principle alone has had the largest positive effect in the quest to write cleaner and more intuitive code.

Hanselminutes Podcast 150 - Uncle Bob Martin, this time with feeling

And a more recent podcast discussing the related topic of professionalism.

Hanselminutes Podcast 171 - The Return of Uncle Bob

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