Unique Without Their Feature File

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The Behaviour Specification Handbook

Effective Behaviour Specification Descriptions

Unique Without Their Feature File

Test analysts in particular like to reference test cases and copy the Behaviour Specification Descriptions into test management tools, defect records and reports. Other team members also like to refer to specific Behaviour Specification Descriptions in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools and other documentation. When there are many behaviours living in different feature files, how does one easily and unambiguously reference them?

A simple way to enable team members to uniquely identify, refer to and find the behaviours that may be scattered across different components or feature files is to ensure that each Behaviour Specification Description includes a unique identifier for the software component or feature file. I recommend prefixing each Behaviour Specification Description with the feature title/name (or a shortened and still unique version of the feature name) to ensure that when a team member uses the behaviour description outside of the context of the feature file, there is no question about where it originated from or where it should be found.

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