Meeting Milestone 1 - Background Context and Requirements Overview

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The Behaviour Specification Handbook

The Behaviour Specification Writing Process

Meeting Milestone 1 — Background Context and Requirements Overview

As an introduction to the meeting, please encourage the attendees to ask questions at any time, and ensure that all relevant feedback is recorded.

Start the Behaviour Specification writing meeting with background context about the User Story. It is always useful to set the scene by walking through the business process that leads into this User Story and any other relevant high-level information about the business. (You do have well-defined business processes that you used as part of the requirements analysis effort, don’t you?!)

After the attendees have a high-level understanding of the business process, now dive in and explain the requirements. It is quite useful to create a bullet-point list of all the “core business requirements” and have it visible to the attendees throughout the meeting. This list is very handy during the behaviour identification and describing stage below.

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