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The Behaviour Specification Handbook

The Behaviour Specification Writing Process

What's Happening In Our Minds?

Throughout all of the above overviews and discussions, each attendee has learned valuable implicit knowledge. Referring back to a previous point, this is the reason why the attendees should be the actual people who will do the development and testing — because throughout this meeting they are being transformed into the experts of this business functionality!

As the team next proceeds to write the behaviours of each software component, multiple team members from different roles and perspectives are mentally testing each behaviour against their understanding of the solution — fantastically optimizing the feedback loop and enabling the team to avoid mistakes and reduce costly, wasteful effort and rework!

The next steps of actually writing the Behaviour Specifications is an important time where the attendees actively engage their mind and further collaborate and communicate. The result of the attendees actively engaging in the process is the growth of their own tacit knowledge and expertise. Again, this is the reason why the attendees should be the developers and testers of this functionality, because they become the experts who can most effectively and efficiently perform the implementation work.

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