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The Behaviour Specification Handbook

The Behaviour Specification Writing Process

Meeting Milestone 5 — Step Writing

In the previous milestone, all the Behaviour Specification Descriptions were identified and written. Depending on the size of the overall solution for the User Story, often it is worth taking a short break before proceeding, primarily to allow the meeting attendees to have a rest and gather their own thoughts.

This second phase of actually writing the Behaviour Specifications involves writing the individual steps that further specify each identified behaviour.

The process of writing the steps for a behaviour is mechanical in nature, being a simple matter of following the Gherkin syntax and elaborating on the details of each behaviour previously identified. Depending on the maturity of the team, and since this phase is more mechanical and comparatively simple, it can be optimised by reducing the attendees, or even just have one person write each step, and send out the finished feature file to everyone for review.

See the chapter Effective Behaviour Specification Steps for more information.

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