The ChannelAdam Test Framework Moq Library


This is an open source, .NET Standard 1.3 library that provides helpers for using Moq on top of the ChannelAdam Test Framework Library.

Below are the main features of the library. See the linked code for details.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Getting Started

NuGet Package Installation

To install the ChannelAdam.TestFramework.Moq NuGet package run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

1PM> Install-Package ChannelAdam.TestFramework.Moq


This library is intended for use by other Test Framework implementation libraries that are then to be used by application developers, such as:


MoqTestFixture inherits from the TestEasy base class for tests and also provides a MyMockRepositoy property to access the Moq MockRepository.

The default constructor automatically creates a Moq “loose” MockRepository, but that can be specified in an overload of the constructor.

Please see the ChannelAdam Test Framework Library documentation for more information about TestEasy.

Please leave below any comments, feedback or suggestions, or alternatively contact me on a social network.

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