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ChannelAdam WCF Library — Version 2 Documentation

Usage With Inversion of Control (IoC) Containers

It is easy to use the ServiceConsumerFactory from Inversion of Control (IoC) containers.

Below are examples with three popular IoC containers.

  1. AutoFac
  2. SimpleInjector
  3. Unity

Let's assume that there is the following class and we want to perform constructor injection with it.

public class ConstructorInjectedController
    public IServiceConsumer<IFakeService> FakeService { get; set; }

    /// <summary>
    /// Initializes a new instance of the <see cref="ConstructorInjectedController"/> class.
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="fakeService">The fake service.</param>
    public ConstructorInjectedController(IServiceConsumer<IFakeService> fakeService)
        this.FakeService = fakeService;

1. AutoFac

Here is how to use the ServiceConsumerFactory with AutoFac.

var builder = new Autofac.ContainerBuilder();
builder.Register(c => ServiceConsumerFactory.Create<IFakeService>("BasicHttpBinding_IFakeService")).InstancePerDependency();

var autofacContainer = builder.Build();

var controller = autofacContainer.Resolve<ConstructorInjectedController>();

2. SimpleInjector

Here is how to use the ServiceConsumerFactory with SimpleInjector.

var simpleInjectorContainer = new SimpleInjector.Container();
simpleInjectorContainer.Register(() => ServiceConsumerFactory.Create<IFakeService>("BasicHttpBinding_IFakeService"), SimpleInjector.Lifestyle.Transient);

var controller = simpleInjectorContainer.GetInstance<ConstructorInjectedController>();

3. Unity

And, here is how to use the ServiceConsumerFactory with Unity.

var unityContainer = new UnityContainer();

        new TransientLifetimeManager(),
        new InjectionFactory(c => ServiceConsumerFactory.Create<IFakeService>("BasicHttpBinding_IFakeService")))

    // OR
    //    new InjectionFactory(c => ServiceConsumerFactory.Create<IFakeService>(() => new FakeServiceClient())))

    // OR more 'correctly'
    //.RegisterType<IFakeService, FakeServiceClient>(new TransientLifetimeManager())
    //    new InjectionFactory(c =>
    //        ServiceConsumerFactory.Create<IFakeService>(() => (ICommunicationObject)c.Resolve<IFakeService>())))

var controller = unityContainer.Resolve<ConstructorInjectedController>();

Automatic Type Registration

If you decide to automatically register types from all available assemblies, ensure that you exclude the types from the ChannelAdam WCF assembly. For instance, with Unity, note the Where:

    AllClasses.FromLoadedAssemblies().Where(t => t.Namespace != typeof(IServiceConsumer<>).Namespace), 

If you do not exclude the ChannelAdam.Wcf assembly, the container will likely not be able to automatically resolve IRetryPolicyFunction. If you then register IRetryPolicyFunction manually, the container will continue down a rabbit hole and not be able to resolve System.ServiceModel.ICommunicationObject. Best to not attempt to register types in the ChannelAdam.Wcf library in the first place!

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