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ChannelAdam WCF Library — Version 2 Documentation

Version 2.1 Release Notes

  • Added: ConsumeAsync() to cater for async Task methods (such as those on a generated service client).
  • Fix: Consume() now synchronously executes a Task if one is returned from the service operation expression so it has control over any exceptions for correct behaviour with the Exception properties.

Version 2 Release Notes

Breaking Changes

  • The retry policy parameter on the Consume() method has been removed.
  • The Exception Behaviour Strategy interface IServiceConsumerExceptionBehaviourStrategy now includes a method named PerformRetryPolicyAttemptExceptionBehaviour. This method is executed when a retry policy is in use and an exception has occurred. When called, this method provides you with the count of the current retry attempt.


  • The retry policy is now also applied to the calls made via the Operations property (as well as the Consume() method).
  • Removed dependency on Microsoft Transient Fault Handling Core library.
  • Retry Policy functionality with the Microsoft Transient Fault Handling Core library have been refactored into the NuGet package ChannelAdam.Wcf.Microsoft.Practices.TransientFaultHandling.Core.

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