ChannelAdam .NET Library Updates & Deprecations


The release of .NET 5.0 in November 2020 marked a significant milestone for the .NET ecosystem.

As such, I have updated the ChannelAdam .NET libraries to:

  1. multi-target both .NET 5.0 and .NET Standard 2.0 - as per my guidance on .NET 5.0 for library developers;
  2. enable Nullable Reference Types and update the code base accordingly to be semantically correct in that regard; and
  3. deprecate libraries that have features that are no longer supported by Microsoft or the library dependencies.

Updated Libraries

The following 18 ChannelAdam .NET libraries now have been updated to multi-target .NET 5.0, .NET Standard 2.x (and if any, their previously supported .NET Standard 1.x versions) and enable Nullable Reference Types.

The ChannelAdam.Nancy libraries also have been updated to target .NET 5.0, .NET Standard 2.0 and Nancy v2.0.0, but also now have been deprecated, as Nancy is no longer being maintained.

Deprecated Libraries

The following 6 libraries now have been deprecated.