Changed to Hugo Static Site Generator

This website has been in hibernation over the last couple of years for many reasons, including my change in focus towards Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and HackTheAI.

However, one thing that added significant friction for changes was that this site was being generated with DocPad - where I would keep having issues with breaking Node.js dependencies and slow compilation times of the site within DocPad. There had to be a better way.

So I am happy to say that this site has now been migrated to the Hugo static site generator. While the migration experience has not been without its own challenges, Hugo is lightning fast and once my templates were configured, it has been smooth sailing.

Also, I have moved this site from being hosted on a Droplet at Digital Ocean to being hosted on GitHub. Many years ago, I insisted that my websites were served via HTTPS, and that was the reason for the Droplet and Linux server at that time. However, times have changed and GitHub offers static sites hosted over HTTPS (and all free), so that is fantastic!

Additionally, the ChannelAdam Code Library documentation had not been updated since I migrated the source code from CodePlex to GitHub, and refactored and upgraded the libraries to .NET Standard where possible - so that documentation is now up-to-date as well.